Hair & Scalp Therapy

  • Exclusive Bespoke Hair & Scalp Therapy is a one hour treatment curated for your hair's specific needs
  • Lustrous Smoothing Treatment improves flexibility and shine
    from $350
  • Bespoke Renee Furterer Treatment is a 45 minute Scalp Treatment to promote a healthy scalp and hair
  • Bespoke Advanced Hair Therapy restores moisture from inside out.
  • Bespoke Silky Smooth Treatment improves the manageability and texture of the hair, leaving it silky smooth
  • Bespoke Hair Therapy curated to add moisture, instant nourishment and shine
  • Purifying Treatment to detoxify your hair
  • Smoothing Treatments designed to reduce frizz, improve texture, shine and manageability.
    Consult your stylist to determine which treatment best suits your needs